It’s important to us for every man to have his own personal style, and there’s no better way to achieve it than with Made-To-Measure. There’s also a no better way to wear a garment—as opposed to the garment wearing you. Feeling confident in your clothes and being able to communicate that through specific garments is what we aim for with every stitch.

The great thing with Made-To-Measure is that you’ll have a large say in every element of your prospective garment. Do you want a classic navy sharkskin or

a lightweight silk-wool blend? Say you need to accommodate your larger chest and narrow shoulders. Not a problem. Everything is individual—there are so many details you can adjust to make the garment your own. You have the opportunity to pick the lining, buttons, pockets, and much more.

But the service is about more than just getting a new suit—it’s about the experience. That’s why our goal is to make you look better and feel better with Walker Brothers Made-To-Measure.



Made-To-Measure is an adaptation of a tailor’s pattern to your body’s specifications in a fabric and details chosen by you. Our associates will begin your Made-To-Measure appointment by asking a few questions to learn about you and better understand your needs and preferences.


Once we understand your needs, our associates will give you a garment to try-on in which we will make adjustments to determine your ideal fit. Made-to-Measure allows us to take into account variety of different factors when wearing a garment, including a man’s physique. These factors, such as high or sloping shoulders, erect or stooping posture, a flat chest or prominent stomach, and much more, play a large role in crafting garments that are unique for each client. During this step, you will begin to see your garment being shaped and formed to your body.


Based on the initial consultation, our associates will guide you through our extensive collection of the world’s finest fabrics, ranging in colors, textures, and weight, as well as countless styling options to ensure that your garments are made to fit you and your unique style and personality.

STEP: 4 

Once we determine your proper fit and design details, our craftspeople will begin constructing your garment. Your finished garment is checked again and again…and again against the pattern and your measurements, first on the line, then at inspection, and then again in-store. Since your garment is produced one at a time using the best of technology blended with human hands and skills, it will typically take 4 weeks for Made-To-Measure jackets and trousers and 5 weeks for custom shirts to arrive in your local store.


Upon us receiving your completed garment, you will receive a call or text inviting you into the store to try it on. During the final fitting, our associates will look over every detail of the garment on your body and make sure we got it correct. Once we have confirmed that you are satisfied with the fit and quality, we will confirm your measurements in the system – making the process to order a new garment much easier for you!